"The Festival is to allow this beautiful dance of the heart, the Argentine Tango,
to foster goodwill, happiness and harmony among all the participants.

Human beings in current times, have come to the realization that hard work
has to be balanced with a passion that stirs the soul. Otherwise, we are just
existing in this lifetime. For many, dance has become that passion.
It lifts the spirit, exercises your body and mind and allows you to enjoy
the company of other people in a genial and non-confrontational way.
This is important as we become more and more isolated in a fast-moving world.

The venue for the Festival is ideal. Located in the converted Central Market,
the Annexe Gallery provides a beautiful location for the workshops.
Situated right in the centre of Chinatown, with food courts and quaint
restaurants in the building itself, it is the height of convenience for all participants.
Within walking distance of the venue are hotels for all budgets."