May 11-13 2018
Here only the most important inforamtion about the 1. Queer Tango Marathon in Munich.
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We, the queer tango group of the dance section of the sports club Team München e.V., would like to coridally invite you to the 1. Queer Tango Marathon in Munich – the „cosmopolitan city with heart“.
The price for the marathon ticket is EUR 135,-
Included are, in addition to all milongas, all meals mentioned in the program as well as water, coffee and tea during the marathon.
Marathon Venue:
Kulturhaus Milbertshofen
Curt-Mezger-Platz 1
80809 München
Deutschland / Germany

Thursday, 10 May 2018
This day is a holiday in Bavaria (Ascension Day), so it could be a good day to arrive early in Munich for a little vacation. Possibly, we could offer an excursion in Munich or its surroundings – if pplicable, we will inform you about any possible activities here at a later time.
Friday, 11 May 2018
18 h
Admittance: The Marathon starts with the first tanda.
18-22 hrs DJane
von Boor
22 - 3 hrs


20 h
Dinner will be served. Of course you are free to dance on and eat the leftovers at a later time.
3 h
An evening and night full of dancing lies behind us. In nine hours the Marathon will continue.
Saturday, 12 May 2018
12 h
We start the new round off with a delicious brunch. Dance or eat, whatever takes your fancy.
12 - 16 hrs DJane
Theresa Faus
16 - 20 hrs DJ
20 - 24 hrs DJane
24 - 4 hrs DJ
16 h
Sweet pastries will be served at teatime,
along with tea and coffee.
20 h
Food again at last. Dinner is ready.
4 h
We are letting our legs rest.
Sunday, 13 May 2018
12 h Again, we will start off the day with a brunch.
12 - 15 Uhr DJane
von Boor
15 - 18 Uhr DJane
15 h Teatime again. Coffee, tea and sweet snakcs are served.
18 h The 1. Queer Tango Marathon in Munich has come to an end.