Argentine Tango
Modern & Latin Ballroom

Salsa, Swing

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1962 Born in Hannover, Germany

He became a member of a German
folk dancing group in Hannover.

1977 Education and training in Modern
Ballroom and Latin American Dances
for competitions.
1980-1981 Classical ballet training at the University of Cologne

Participation in performances of the Tango group "La Cumparsita" (Duesseldorf/Germany), first as a musician (guitar) and then as a dancer.
From this time onwards he started his intensive training of Argentine Tango with following teachers: Klaus Wendel (El Aleman) & Nicole Nau (GER),
Wouter Brave (NL), Antonio Todaro (AR) Pepito (AR), Alejandro & Mariachiara (AR/IT, )Vanina & Roberto (AR) Gustavo Naveira (AR), Ricardo & Nicole (NL/GER), Tete & Maria (AR), Mingo & Esther Pugliese (AR)

1990 He started to teach Argentine Tango, Modern Ballroom and Latin-American Dances in Cologne/Germany. Since then he travelled to teach in various cities in Germany and neighbouring European countries.
He met the Tango dancer Lily Velraeds in Maastricht/Netherlands. They formed the Tango Couple Lily y Andreas and performed during various events.

1991 Start of a regular Milonga every Wednesday called "Practica" in the
at the BASEMENT of the protestant church "Christusrkirche" in
Cologne, Germany


First trip to Buenos Aires. Since then a journey to the cradle of Tango for
about 6 weeks every year.
There he also made his first contact with Salsa and Merengue.
1991 Together with his partner Lily he danced in shows acomanied by the Tango Orchestra Tango Fuego in Germany and over whole Europe. Lily y Andreas also performed in television shows in Germany and the Netherlands..
1994 What began as a teacher/student relation became a journey discovering the Milonguero style. At this time not very popular in Europe, Andreas and Ulla Beeker trained together the embraced style of Argentine Tango, where the upper bodies are melting together to perfect unity. Andreas and Ulla developed their very own style where both dancers give up their own axis to find the balance relying on the partner's body.

1995 During this time he also trains and performs with Doña Piedra in shows in Germany and neighbouring contries. Both, Ulla Beeker and Doña Piedra opend their own Tango schools:
Ulla Beeker: Tango Colón, Cologne/Germany
Doña Piedra: Estudio de Tango (Wuppertal/Germany)
After teaching a two weeks Tango & Salsa Workshop in
Kathmandu / Nepal he left his home country to move to the kingdom at the
feet of the Himalayans.
Every year he travels back to Germany to teach in various places as:
-Tango Colón, Tango school in Cologne (Ulla Beeker)
-Cafe Ada, Tango school inWuppertal
-Estudio Tango in Wuppertal (Doña Piedra)
-Schloss Cappenberg, cultural centre near Luenen, north of Dortmund
1997 He opened the Natraj Niwas Dance Studio in Bishal Nagar,Kathmandu, Nepal.
Since then Couple Dancing had got a constant home address in Kathmandu.
2001 He started to teach Argentine Tango and other dances several times a year
at Dance Centre, Bangkok
2004 Since February 2004 living and working in Bangkok, building up a Tango community there from scratch .
He started to perform with his dance student Ulrike Lechner in various locations.


Dance partner Ulrike's working contract with the Department of Pollution Controll in Thailand ends and she goes back to Germany. Since November 2006 Andreas performs with the Thai national Khun Sunanta (Sam) Bell.

2007 First contact to Marguerite Brodie, Tango Teacher and Eventt Organizer
in Malaysia. Andreas conducts a weekennd workshop in Kuala Lumpur.

Andreas moves to Kuala Lumpur. He and Marguerite putting their energy together to organize the Tango community in KL by teaching, performing, and offerning vations Tango Dance Events at locations like Little Havana, Kuala Lumpur Dancing Assosiation and Frangipani

Together with Marguerite and Czar Andreas organizes the Inaugural Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital in May 2008, which turned out to be a great succsess. 118 participants from 27 different countries.
Since then the Festival became an istituion in SEAsia and is now continuing every year during the Easter weekend.
2009 Easter- 2nd Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
137 participants from 31 differnts countries.
Moving back to Germany end of 2009. After severe health problems caused by the hot and humid tropical climate he is taking a break to recover. Traveling through Europe to discover, that there is more than just Tango...

Easter- 3rd Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
152 participants from 28 different countries.

2nd Queer Tango Festival in Cologne/Germany
Workshops and Demonstrations together with
Stefan Eichholz (
In June 2010 he decided to move to Berlin, the capital of Argentine Tango in Germany. He will start to teach at various Tango Schools and Studios in Berlin, Cologne and Wupptertal.
Keeping in touch with Asia he will travel frequently to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Jakarta to conduct Tango workshops and performances.

2011 March- Intensive Tango Week in Bangkok
Easter- 4th Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
128 participants from 21 different countries.
July- Mis Amores - Tango Festival in Wuppertal/Germany
2012 March- 5th Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
115 participants from 19 different countries.
March - Bangkok, Workshops and Classes
2013 February- Queer Tango Weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden
March- 6th Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
109 participants from 15 different countries.
April - Bangkok, Workshops and Classes
2014 Jan./Feb.- Queer Tango Mini Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden
March- 7th Kuala Lumpur Tango Fesital
136 participants from 18 different countries.
March- Bangkok, Workshops and Classes
April- TangOstern, Queer Tango Days in Berlin